High Performance Driving Courses


SATS High performance driving courses are ideal for any driver wishing to learn the skills of high performance driving, These skills are essential to understand, when driving a high performance car up to and sometimes beyond its limits. The high performance course will help to develop the knowledge and skills of most drivers, helping to accelerate their confidence along with a healthy increase in their understanding of the forces acting upon a vehicle, as well as what it is physically capable of. Becoming much more knowledgeable of the techniques used by high performance drivers and enjoying a vehicle more safely are also just some of the benefits.

The high performance driving courses are run by our senior instructors who as well as being ADI's are experienced in many aspects of driver training, coaching and high performance driving. Many are ex- race or rally and still currently work or have worked at some of the UK's leading race and rally schools, as well as for many high performance car manufacturers. The high performance driving course will show drivers how to maximise car control and understand the many skills required for successful high performance driving.

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