Construction Training and Testing CPCS

Sandy Arthur Training Services are accredited by the NOCN Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) .
We offer courses for both experienced and inexperienced operatives on all items of construction plant.

We have a purpose built training area which is segregated from construction activities but still looks and feels like a site. Our Tester/Trainers have a wealth of experience and come from a construction background. They only train on plant which they have personally operated on site.

We can offer in-house training where required, and these can be tailored. All are carried out to a professional standard.

(CPCS) to offer training in the following categories:

Code Description
A02BCPCS Crawler Crane over 10 tonnes
A04ACPCS Tower Crane - Trolley Jib
A04BCPCS Tower Crane - Luffing Jib
A06CPCS Truck Mounted Boom Concrete Pump
A09ACPCS Forward Tipping Dumper - Wheeled
A09BCPCS Forward Tipping Dumper - Tracked
A10CPCS Excavator 180° below 5 tonnes
A12CPCS Excavator 180° above 5 tonnes
A14CPCS Rough Terrain Forklift/Masted Truck
A16CPCS Industrial Forklift Truck
A17ACPCS Telescopic Handler - Industrial Telescopic
A17BCPCS Telescopic Handler - Up to 9 metres
A17CCPCS Telescopic Handler - All sizes exc. 360 slew
A17DCPCS Telescopic Handler - All sizes inc. 360 slew
A21CPCS Wheeled Loading Shovel
A22CPCS Tracked Loading Shovel
A23CPCS Skid Steer Loader
A25CPCS Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Scissor
A26ACPCS Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Boom - Vehicle Mounted
A26BCPCS Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Boom - Self Propelled
A27CPCS Mobile Elevating Work Platform - MastClimber
A31CPCS Ride on Roller
A32CPCS Soil-Landfill Compactor
A33CPCS Agricultural Tracto
A34CPCS Crawler - Tractor/Dozer
A35CPCS Crawler - Tractor/Side Boom
A36ACPCS Lorry Loader - Hook
A36BCPCS Lorry Loader - Clamshell Bucket
A36CCPCS Lorry Loader - Hydraulic Clamp
A37CPCS Trencher
A39CPCS Skip Handler
A40CPCS Slinger/Signaller
A42CPCS Crusher
A43CPCS Screener
A44CPCS Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
A45CPCS Piling Rig - Driven below 15 tonnes
A46CPCS Piling Rig - Driven above 15 tonnes
A47CPCS Piling Rig - Bored below 15 tonnes
A48CPCS Piling Rig - Bored above 15 tonnes
A50CPCS Loader/Securer - STGO
A56ACPCS Dump Truck - Articulated Chassis - Up to 15 tonnes
A56BCPCS Dump Truck - Articulated Chassis - All Sizes
A57ACPCS Dump Truck - Rigid Chassis - Up to 15 tonnes
A57BCPCS Dump Truck - Rigid Chassis - Up to 50 tonnes
A57CCPCS Dump Truck - Rigid Chassis - All sizes (wheeled)
A57DCPCS Dump Truck - Rigid Chassis - Tracked
A58ACPCS Excavator 360° below 10 tonnes - Tracked
A58BCPCS Excavator 360° below 10 tonnes - Wheeled
A59ACPCS Excavator 360° above 10 tonnes - Tracked
A59BCPCS Excavator 360° above 10 tonnes - Wheeled
A60ACPCS Mobile Crane - Blocked Duties only
A60BCPCS Mobile Crane - Pick-and-carry duties only
A60CCPCS Mobile Crane - All Duties
A61CPCS Appointed Person - Lifting Operations
A62CPCS Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor
A63ACPCS Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane - Up to 36m - 100m/te
A63BCPCS Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane - Inclined Jib
A66ACPCS Compact Crane - Static-stabilisers
A66BCPCS Compact Crane - Mobile Industrial
A66CCPCS Compact Crane - Luffing Static Duties
A66DCPCS Compact Crane - 360 - Pick and Carry

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