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Cat D1 (Minibus)

The minibus PCV Category D1 test is for those people who would like to get their category D1 minibus licence, to be able to drive minibuses with up to 17 seats (including driver’s seat) and derive an income from driving minibuses for hire and reward.

People who passed their Category B Car test before January 1997, will already have Category D1 on their driving licence, however, there is a code restriction 101 attached to this entitlement which does not permit you to drive a minibus for hire and reward. Therefore, if you have this '101' restriction on your licence, then you can drive a minibus for private use, providing you are not doing it for hire and reward purposes.

If you would like to drive a minibus for hire and reward (ie to earn money for it), then you must sit and pass the D1 minibus test.

Whatever option you choose Sandy Arthur Training Services can assist you every step on the way. They can manage (at no extra cost) the whole licence acquisition process, from medical to final practical test. Why not call our professional team today and get your career into gear.

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CAT D (Single/Double Decker Bus)


PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) was formerly known as PSV (Passenger Service Vehicle). The Bus PCV Category D licence allow drivers who pass the PCV Category D Bus licence to drive any bus including single decker’s, double decker buses and also bendy buses. Once you pass the PCV category D test, you will then obtain a category D entitlement on your driving licence, and will be able to drive any automatic bus. You will also receive Category D1 (minibus licence), as PCV Category D supersedes the Category D1 minibus licence.


Initial Driver CPC is split into 4 separate modules

  • Module 1: multi choice and hazard perception theory test
  • Module 2: driver CPC case study theory test
  • Module 3: practical driving test
  • Module 4: practical associated knowledge test

All 4 modules must be passed to be awarded a driver CPC qualification card.
Modules 1 and 3 must be passed to drive a minibus for private use.
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