Roping and Sheeting for Safety loads on Vehicles Northern Ireland

This course is designed for persons who need to meet the requirements outlined in the Department Code of Practice for Safety of Loads on Vehicles and JSP 341-Joint Service Road Transport Regulations.

Course Outline

This will cover load characteristics, weight distribution, load stability and its effects on the vehicle handling, as well as load securing equipment i.e. various straps, ropes, chains, chocks and blocks.

  • Training Objectives
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Correct Loading and Unloading
  • Security of Loads
  • Safety of Loads
  • Load Distribution
  • Pallet Loads
  • Bulk Fuel Loads
  • Securing Containers
  • Sheeting and Roping
  • Methods of Restrains
  • Anchor Points
  • Delivery

This course lasts for half a day. A Certificate of Attendance is issued to each candidate.

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